Email Fax Services

Compare Email Fax Services, Ringcentral Fax, MyFax, Nextiva, eFax and more.

Your #1 Guide to Email Fax Services

Interested in email to fax services but still can’t decide for one?

Save money AND time with the top fax services that help you improve your communications and reduce the costs associated to faxing! You can finally say good bye to bulky fax machines, paper supplies and the need of a dedicated phone line!

To get started, you just need an Internet connection and a computer.

We are here to help you make a comparison between the top services of 2013, so you can select the one that best fits your needs. You will also find in-depth reviews of companies such as eFax, Nextiva, MyFax, Rapidfax, or Ringcentral Fax among others.

Thanks to this new technology, you will not only enjoy sending and receiving fax at incredible speeds, but also plenty of ground-breaking features such as integration with Microsoft Office applications, smartphone phone fax apps, access to your faxes from any computer, mobile notifications, broadcasting and scheduling just to name a few.

Compare Fax Services Side-by-Side!

Still can’t decide which company to choose? This chart will help you compare them side-by-side!

Fax Provider
30-Day Free TrialYesYesYesYes
Monthly Fee$7.99/mo$10.00/mo$4.95/mo$12.95/mo
Setup FeeNoneNoneNoneNone
Incoming Pages500200500150
Outgoing PagesCombined100Combined150
iPhone/Smarpthone AppYesYesNoYes
Free Fax NumberLocal or Toll FreeLocal or Toll FreeLocal or Toll FreeLocal or Toll Free
Overage Page Fee5.9¢/page10¢/page3¢/page10¢/page

What are the Benefits of Faxing Online?

Speed. Sending and receiving documents takes a fraction of what it used to take with a machine, at the same time, it frees you from common fax problems such as paper jams and poor printing outcome, which required you to send/receive a fax over and over again until it was readable. All plans include time-saving features such as scheduling, broadcasting (sending a single fax to different recipients), and notifications delivered to your mobile phone.

Lower costs. Services are subscription-based. They have a monthly fee which can go as low as $4.95 in some of the most affordable plans. You won’t need to buy an expensive machine or a dedicated line, as the service will provide you with your own free fax number (which can be local or toll-free).  PDF-delivery ensures you have total control over the faxes you print.

Security. Nowadays services are able to provide high levels of security and encryption so you won’t have problems when handling sensitive information.

Reliability. You will run into much less problems than when using a fax machine. No paper jams means less frustration, plus, these services have a 24/7 customer support department that will help you sort out any problem in the way.

Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right service can be very confusing for starters. The information you commonly find online is not always what you need to make an informed decision. There are many companies out there that have “hidden fees” and even high setup fees.  In order to help you, we have listed those fax through Internet services that do not have any of these.

Another important aspect of choosing is keeping in mind your needs.  Money is only one part of ratings.  As a customer, you give value to other aspects of faxing from your computer such as file compatibility, customer support, overage fees, etc. These “little things” are what ultimately set a service apart from each other.

Finally, we have left direct links to the best tools you have to pick a service: free trials.  They offer 30-day email to fax free trials, so you as a customer can have the opportunity to try the service’s features and compare them according to your own experience.