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Q&A: Can a Cell Phone Receive Fax?

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A question that we get asked a lot from readers is: Can a cell phone receive fax? Thanks to modern email fax technology and the development of smartphone technology we can easily receive all of our faxes on-the-go.

To start, we will need a cell phone (this will work on iPhones, Blackberry and Android phones) and an account with an email fax service.  Right now the best fax services that offer fax from cell phone features are:

- Ringcentral Fax

- eFax

- MyFax

Creating an account takes only a few minutes, and since you can start with a 30-day free trial, there is no need of paying anything. Upon signing up with a plan, you’ll receive a free email fax number that will redirect all incoming faxes to your email and your cell phone. This number can be either local or toll-free, depending on the needs of your business.

Once you have created your fax account, it is time to download the app that corresponds to the fax service of your choice.  They are easily found in the App Store or Marketplace, depending on which phone you are using. Note that these apps are all FREE to download.  Beware of apps that cost you some money and that on top that require using a paid fax service.

Once the app is downloaded, you just enter your account information and from there you are ready to receive fax on your cell phone.  Each time you receive a new fax, your cell phone will display apps notifications, letting you know the number of faxes that have arrived since you last checked in.

Every app is different and they all allow you to receive faxes anywhere.  eFax so far is the only company whose app can also compose a send faxes by taking advantage of the camera included in iPhones and similar devices.

Having access to fax technology while away is a necessity for many people who can’t be chained to a traditional fax machine. With email fax services, now you can turn your cell phone into a portable and powerful fax machine.

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