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We’ve come a long way since email fax started and modern times need changes that go with them.  Smartphones are everywhere and we users are looking to send and receive faxes on the go without having to carry our laptops everywhere.

Your iPhone has now the potential to become a fully fledged mobile fax machine that will allow you to receive all your needed documents via an email fax number accompanied by plenty of must-have features.

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Send and Receive Fax on iPhone


Can I fax from iPhone to a fax machine? Yes! Your iPhone can be turned into a virtual fax machine thanks to the email fax services offering mobile applications to their users. You can pick one of the following providers that offer solutions for iPhone users.

We have included only the top fax services that deliver a robust solution for iPhone users. Below each of them is a link to a free trial that will help you try hands-on the power of mobile faxing.

Best iPhone Fax Apps 2013


Ringcentral Mobile

Ringcentral was one of the first companies that launched a special solution for mobile devices. First it was with Ringcentral Fax and the feature of “mobile notifications”, but now they have expanded on this idea bringing us “Ringcentral Mobile”.

This solution includes more than just faxing features; it is also a virtual phone system that will go with you anywhere, includes an auto-receptionist, and can show your virtual number as Caller Id when you make a phone call for business.

Ringcentral Mobile offers iPhone users a special app available for free download.  This app will be easily downloaded once you sign up with a free trial or a regular plan! By the way, if you use other smartphones, rest assured this solution is compatible with them.

Try RingCentral Fax FREE for 30 Days


eFax is another Internet fax service with an app designed to take care of all your documents on the go. Once you sign up with them, just head over to the app store and download it.

With this app, you will be able to create and send fax by taking photos with your gadget, search and view faxes in your account, use cover sheets and contact lists, tag and archive faxes, and send fax documents by email straight from the faxing app.

This solution may not include VOIP such as Ringcentral but it we find it to be more complete if you just want faxing.  Why? The ability to create and send fax can save you a lot of time if you don’t have a computer nearby.

Try eFax FREE for 30 Days


With this app you can send and receive fax. You can enter the recipient’s info directly or grab it from your Contact Book. The app lets you make use of different cover pages. Compose new fax by typing the content or taking a picture, you can also send photos located in your iPhone’s photo album.

Faxes are instantly received through the MyFax app,without having to log in via a web browser and without sorting through emails. This app lets you see details such as sender CSID, time of delivery and the number of pages per fax.  One of the best things about MyFax’s service is that they offer a flat rate to send faxes to 42 different countries around the World.

Try MyFax FREE for 30 Days


Nextiva vFax

Nextiva is another company that will help you send and receive faxes from your iPhone, but instead of developing a special app, they have made the site compatible with users not only on the iPhone, but also on other smartphones and devices such as the iPad.

Nextiva can’t be beaten for now when it comes to price, so if you are on a tight budget they will be an excellent service to choose. Starting at just $4.95 you can enjoy an excellent service.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, take advantage of the free trial also offered by Nextiva.

Try Nextiva Fax FREE for 30 Days

How to Send Fax With Your iPhone?


Right now, the best fax apps allow you to send faxes using one of the following ways:

  1. Typing up directly the message on the app’s text field.
  2. Using your phone’s camera to take a picture of a document.

The second option is very interesting and useful.  You can actually use your iPhone’s camera as a scanning device.  The app will grab the photo and will optimize it, resizing it for perfect delivery.  Once your fax has been successfully sent you will receive a notification.

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