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FaxZero Scam – Is This Free Email Fax Service a Scam?

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Is FaxZero a scam? This is a question that many people ask us and here we provide an answer for all of you.  As you may know, FaxZero is a website that offers you to send fax through Internet for free. We have written a comparison between Faxzero and MyFax Free before, but we didn’t address the common worries related to this service.

To start, know that FaxZero does the job of sending the fax, so the service works as promised and they are not scamming anyone.  I know there are different opinions about this service, so let’s separate the false information from the truth.

FaxZero cover page sample

- You have fax limits, so you can send a total of 6 pages per day (2 faxes/3 page max per fax). TRUE: This is a free service but you have limits per day, if you want to send more faxes each one will cost you $1.99.

- This service works only with Word and PDF documents.–> FALSE: FaxZero supports  .DOC or .DOCX or .RTF files, image files (.PNG or JPG) or Excel spreadsheet (.XLS or .XLSX). Other supported file formats include: TXT, HTML, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PPT(Powerpoint) and VSD (Visio 2003+).

- The fax is not sent right away.  The site states that you should expect your fax to be sent in 5 minutes.  –> TRUE: But keep in mind that no fax service can deliver a fax instantly, this time is among the average.

- There is an ad on the cover page of the fax you send.  –> TRUE:  They used to have bigger ads, but now it looks much better. You may want to avoid this service for business purposes though. At the side you can find a sample of the cover page as shown in FaxZero’s FAQ.

Know also that FaxZero only sends faxes, so you won’t be able to receive fax on your email.

If you are looking for a free solution to send a quick fax, FaxZero remains as an option, and you can rest assured this service is 100% free if you are OK with the cover page.  If you are going to fax heavily, you may want to choose another online fax service as you can save a lot of money with their packages.

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