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Skype Fax, Can You Send Fax From Skype?

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Are you looking for a faxing solution that will allow you to fax using your Skype number? I have received multiple questions regarding this issue, and although there is no feature to send fax from Skype currently available within the service, you can complement your use of Skype with an email fax service. Read below to find out how.

Skype Fax is Possible by Integrating an Email Fax Service

Some weeks ago I had to travel to UK and Germany from the USA, but still had to be in touch with customers back home.  Now, I’ve been a user of Ringcentral Fax for quite some time but they only offer toll-free and local numbers in the USA (unless you sign up with an account with Ringcentral UK or Canada), so I had to find a way to forward my calls.  I could have forwarded my Ringcentral number to my cell phone, but that would have been too expensive and that’s where Skype comes into play.

Thanks to a Ringcentral representative I found out that a much cheaper alternative would be to forward my Ringcentral number to a Skype number, available at more affordable rate in different countries, including Germany and United Kingdom. Forwarding your calls is done via your account just by filling up a simple form.

This happens to be also a great alternative if you want to use the power of an email fax service from another country. A friend in Germany is now using this method to receive online fax with all features enabled by RingCentral.

What Are the Steps to Start Using this Skype Fax Alternative?

Step 1. First you have to obtain your online fax number from Ringcentral, so start by signing up with a Ringcentral Fax account.  Ringcentral currently offers a 30-day-free trial account to new users, with all features enabled; signing up takes only a couple of minutes.

Step 2. After signing up, you need to point your RC fax number to the Skype number you wish to use. This will redirect incoming faxes from your Skype number to your RC number, so you are able to get all the incoming faxes.

Step 3. To send fax, just open your email account associated to your fax account (you can fax from Hotmail or Gmail easily, this is set up at the moment of signing up), and compose a new message.  In the To field enter the recipient’s number in this way  The actual document to be faxed need to be uploaded in the email as an attachment.

Step 4. Press send! That’s it, from there all you need to do is wait for confirmation that your fax has been successfully sent.

Second Option: Pamfax Skype Application

If using the email fax services listed above does not work well for you, you can try out Pamfax’s Skype premium application or add-on. You can access the fax features directly from your Skype client by going to the main menu: “Tools” -> “Do More” (click on the image to enlarge it).

This application is free to download and even if later on you don’t want to depend on software, you can use Pamfax as an email to fax service. Here are some of the features of Pamfax:

•  Personal fax number including high discount on pages you send
•  Pay your faxes via credit card, PayPal or other flexible payment methods
•  Fax with Skype. Can be integrated seamlessly into Skype and send status notifications about your faxes
•  PamFax is SSL secured and therefore offers high security of your data
•  No hardware: sending and receiving faxes works without any additional hardware from any web browser in the world
•  No minimum monthly purchase, no monthly costs, no hidden costs for sending: only pay for the pages you send
•  Supports more than 100 file formats
•  No ads on faxes

Click here to try Pamfax on Skype for FREE!

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